Develop your relationship with your customers by giving them the ability to create their digital wallet in just a few clicks

Financial transactions from your smartphone has never been easier!

  • Digital money & mobile wallet
  • Follow-up, notifications and payment of credits
  • Collecting small savings
  • Credit renewal
  • “Tontines” (P2P lending circles)
  • ... and your own custom digital financial services

Become the trusted actor in your ecosystem and change your image from a financial player to that of a leading player in the local economy !

Become at the service of a more responsible, participatory and sustainable financial inclusion

  • Sovereignty

    Paylis allows you to manage and run your own value exchange networks without an intermediary in the management of payment transactions (eg: telephone operators, payment institutions, etc.)

  • Client Protection

    Paylis allows your customers to be the sole owners of their digital wallet and the only ones able to carry out financial transactions on them. The history of these transactions cannot be falsified

  • Development and securing of local and collaborative economies

    Payli will allow you to connect, independently, all the actors in your ecosystem to:

    • Make business development possible through a marketplace

    • Securing informal economies through participatory financial services

  • Valuation of behavior and loyalty

    Payli allows you to enhance the behavior of your ecosystem thanks to an incentive compensation system to build customer loyalty while supporting your financial and social objectives (ex: encouraging borrowers to repay their maturities on time, encouraging initiatives that meet objectives sustainable development, etc.)

We build tailor-made digital financial services for you

Our technology has been designed to adapt to sociocultural models and to the evolution of your customers’ uses. We customize our solutions according to your context

  • Solution design

    We identify your most relevant and value-added use cases by integrating them into our digital platform

  • Pilot phase

    Because nothing beats the field test, we organize a pilot experiment to confirm and measure the value created by our services

  • Deployment

    We deploy the solution to your employees, partners and customers.
    We provide support and commitment to quality of service.

Our technological solution integrates with your information system to boost its digitization

By interfacing with your existing information system, our digital platform allows you to address your main technological challenges

  • Modernize the user experience (customer and internal user)
  • Modernize the information system with advanced technologies (Blockchain, microservices etc.)
  • Quickly acquire new digital capacities to digitize and automate existing processes and improve your time-to-market

A robust and scalable solution

  • Vertical and horizontal scalability
  • High availability
  • API and microservices oriented architecture
  • Decentralized transaction register (Blockchain)
  • Interoperability with all core banking systems (internal or external)
  • Interoperability with all mobile printing systems
  • On-premise, cloud (agnostic) or hybrid deployment